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Family & Couples Therapy

Family and couples therapy often begins with significant distress or disconnection within relationship and one or more individuals "acting out." It often has a focus of repairing trust, stopping unwanted behaviors, finding deeper understanding, processing grief/loss, managing dysfunction or just "getting back on the same page." Couples therapy can be useful for coupling, un-coupling or preparing for marriage. Treatment centers around core relational capabilities such as:

  • Working to de-escalate negative cycles of interaction and establish safety in relationship 

  • Working to understand conflict in attachment bonds from each person's perspective in their historical context

  • Working to understand couples attraction in terms of each partner's desire for (and fear of) self-actualization 

  • Working to acknowledge and express ruptures in terms of primary emotions and unmet attachment needs 

  • Working to address past trauma/abuse and establish conditions for secure attachment

  • Working to increase capacity for attunement to other's emotional states and attachment needs

  • Working to reinforce interactional cycles that promote creativity and intimacy  

  • Working to establish subject-to-subect relating and mutual ownership of relational "thirdness" 

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