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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy often begins with a breaking point, rock bottom, or feeling that "something's off." It often has a focus of stopping unwanted or addictive behaviors, understanding relational distress, working through trauma, processing grief/loss, managing stress or simply feeling better. As treatment progresses, themes emerge around improving core psychological functions such as:   

  • Working to expand your ability to access and observe how you feel, to be flexible and regulated emotionally, to understand and communicate your emotions.

  • Working to be more integrated and congruent with thoughts, feelings and behaviors, to be more like yourself more of the time

  • Working to increase your ability to reflect on your mental state, to think psychologically and to understand the mental state of others. 

  • Working to improve relational capacity, to tolerate intimacy and separation, to differentiate between self and other, to attach securely 

  • Working to improve your ability to feel good about yourself and within yourself, to feel confident and maintain self esteem. 

  • Working to build greater impulse control, to understand addictive behaviors, to increase your ability to choose how to act. 

  • Working to feel stronger, more assertive, better defended and adapted

  • Working to construct realistic standards, to find meaning and purpose, to recover motivation 

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